A Good Life

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I grew up in Nebraska during a time when our state slogan was “Nebraska…The Good Life.”  No matter where you went, you would see this slogan on billboards and smattered around on a variety of tchotchkes and pamphlets intended to remind locals and visitors alike that a good life could be had by all in our great state.

It wasn’t until adulthood that I really started to question what makes up “a good life?”  And to be fully transparent, that definition has changed over time for me as I enter various chapters of my life.  As a child, a good life was safety, freedom to play uninhibited (interpreted as 1970s feral child), having a family pet that I adored and feeling loved at home.  As an adult, I still value safety in my home and community, I love my family pets. I need and feel love in my home. While play is still very important, that play has become more structured—hobbies or activities I’ve grown to enjoy over time, and family and friendships have deeper meaning as part of my overall good life. 

 Something else has emerged—challenge.  I’ve learned I love a good challenge.  Sometimes that challenge is in a book or learning a new skill.  Sometimes it’s a physical challenge like running a long distance race, planking for long periods of time, zip-lining or more recently, hiking a mountain peak in Colorado. 

As we launch into this New Year, take a few moments to ask yourself, what does “a good life” look like?  Then set about planning, building and living the Good Life you dream of.  A good life can be had by all.

Happy New Year, everyone!