Listening is Key

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It can be difficult for someone to understand why a victim would stay in a relationship that has become abusive. Domestic violence victims often feel shame and blame when the relationship becomes abusive because in reality, domestic violence is not a single episode and rarely does the abuse begin with physical violence. Abuse is much subtler and slower to escalate, usually beginning with verbal attacks, isolation and controlling behaviors.

It is important that we all become educated on the dynamics of abuse and the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

During June and July, Hands of Hope is launching a media campaign around messages of stigma often heard by a victim.

This is important so that we can work to reduce the stigma around domestic violence. We need to learn to listen to what survivors say they want and need when they are ready to talk. It isn’t always safe for a victim to talk about what’s going on, so when they do, listen, believe and offer to connect them to Hands of Hope, day or night.  In Grant County call 765-664-0701 and in Wabash County call 260-563-4407. Hands of Hope’s highly skilled, trained and compassionate staff can meet a victim when they are ready, where they want, for as long as the victim needs.