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Prevention Education Services

Prevention education provided in Grant County to elementary aged youth to educate children about domestic violence is done through two programs: Kid-Ability and Hands are Not for Hitting. Programs have also been developed on bullying for fourth and fifth-graders as well as dating violence and date rape for middle and high school aged youth.

Grant County

  • Information and training in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault are available to organizations. Topics include how to identify and assist victims of domestic violence.
  • “Kid-Ability!” is a personal safety program available to all kindergartners and first graders.
  • “Teasing and Put-Downs” for third graders is a one-time class that teaches conflict resolution and encourages students to take responsibility for their words/actions.
  • “Hands are not for Hitting” is a program teaching how to handle angry feelings, available for second graders.
  • Dating Violence video and presentations for high school students.
  • Bullying Prevention Program for fourth and fifth graders.  This is a program that defines and discusses the differences between joking, teasing, and bullying.
  • Anti-bullying strategies and presented for sixth and seventh graders.
  • ” Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships” is a program that focuses on healthy relationships with family, friends, and dating partners for  adolescents and teens from seventh grade through high school. This program will cover self respect, peer pressure, boundaires, trust, warning signs of an unhealthy dating relationship, etc. in the seventh and eigth grade, it will continue into high school with topics such as healthy/unhealthy dating relationship, cycle of violence, how to help a friend in an unhealthy relationship,the meaning of consent, and rape.

Wabash County

Since 1999, Hands of Hope has provided education to Wabash County residents and students in various classrooms about healthy relationships, domestic violence and sexual violence. Currently, Megan Long, the Hands of Hope Community Education Coordinator, speaks to high school students at each of the Wabash County schools as part of their health classes covering various information about domestic violence and sexual violence.In addition, the Hands of Hope Community Education Coordinator  and Hands of Hope Outreach Victim’s Advocate presents  information and distributes materials to various agencies, civic groups, churches and individuals about the programming available through Hands of Hope.

  • TADA (Teens Against Dating Abuse) Since 2012, Hands of Hope staff has worked with students at Wabash High School and Southwood Junior/Senior High School to form TADA (Teens Against Dating Abuse) groups. The purpose of the groups is to encourage and empower students to speak out against teen dating abuse at their schools and in their communities.

This fall TADA, teens against dating abuse, watched several inspirational TedTalks and promoted them to the school to watch as a whole. Southwood used an anti bullying video we suggested for the entire student body to watch to full fill a state requirement. TADA also participated in activities such as positive sidewalk chalk messages and positive post it note showers. They also had a wear purple contest and candy gram sales.

For the holidays the group made Christmas cards for Timbercrest residents in Manchester, painted nails and delivered gifts to residents at Vernon Manor in Wabash.

Flowers were donated and TADA members delivered these flowers to all girls attending prom at Wabash, Southwood and Northfield  with purple ribbons and cards that read “expect respect tonight and always.”

They are also making and selling survival bracelets and key chains with the help of officer Baker. TADA made decorative chairs for the annual Wabash Chair Affair event, volunteered at the children’s booth at the annual chili cook off, worked at the In Loving Memory car show, helped with Christmas Spirit and sponsored convocation speakers. This group has helped with poster campaigns, poem contest, logo design contest, radio ads, announcements, and general awareness activities.

Prevention Resources