Your gift to Family Service Society,
Inc. provides hope through encouragement,
empowerment, and education to individuals,
families, and communities within
Grant County and surrounding areas.


"[My therapist] helped me get through some problems that I couldn’t get through myself.”

$95 provides life-changing counseling for an abused child or a victim of domestic violence.

$120 shelters a domestic violence victim for one night. Usually, this care extends to 12 days and nights for $1,444.80.

Families of the Healthy Families program earn incentives by participating in the program to strengthen their families. It costs $100 a year for these incentives. Currently, Healthy Families has an average of 125 families, and each family can remain in the program for 3 years. $300 provides for one family for the life of the program.

I have been a Healthy Families [client] for two years and can honestly say it changed my life! Because of Healthy Families, I am only a year from graduation with my AS in Human Services, and have the smartest baby ever.”

If you have questions or would like to discuss how your gift could benefit a particular program at Family Service Society, Inc., please contact Jeanelle Artherhults at 765-662-9971 ext. 106.